How to order online spectacles from Webglasses

All you need to do to place an order with WebGlasses is follow our Three Simple Steps.

1. Obtain a current spectacle prescription from your local optometrist

Make an appointment to have your eyes tested and request a copy of your prescription. By law, the optometrist must provide you with a clear, readable copy of the prescription when requested, at no additional cost. Alternatively, you can use a previous prescription that is less than 2 years old.

How to Read your Spectacle Prescription

A prescription is made up of a number of parts. Sph or sphere is usually the first number and will either have a plus sign (+) or a minus sign (-). On some prescriptions there will also be a cyl or cylinder component. This is usually a number with a minus sign (-) and an axis (number 0 to 180 with an "x" preceding it). For people who require a reading prescription, there may also be an 'add' which is usually a number with a plus sign between +0.75 to +3.00. Except for the axis, all other numbers will end in either "00", "25", "50" or "75".


Example of prescription

2. Select from our great range of frame and lens options

Browse through our large selection of frames by clicking on the images on the left. You can choose from Traditional, Semi-Rimless, Flexible and Rimless. Once you have decided on a frame, continue placing your order by working through the order form and choosing your preferred lens options. Your have the choice of Distance or Near lenses, used to correct long-sightedness or short-sightedness. Alternatively, you can choose Bifocals, which have two different sections - the top is for distance vision, and the bottom segment is for near vision. Your optometrist will advise you if bifocals are required.

Extra Lens Options

  • High Index Lenses - makes lenses look thinner and feel lighter, especially for higher prescriptions
  • Multicoat - helps stop reflections from lighting and computer screens
  • UV Protection - provides protection from harmful UV light
  • Full Tint - permanently tinted lenses (please specify shade - green, grey or brown)
  • Transitions Lenses - clear lenses inside which change to tinted lenses in direct UV light. (Transitions is a registered trademark of Transitions Optical, Inc.)
  • Polarised - useful for reducing glare from water or snow (only possible with full tint)

3. Receive your new glasses via Express E-Parcel within 7 working days*

Once you have selected a frame and chosen your desired lens options, you can make payment for your order via credit card, direct deposit or Bpay. The order needs to be paid for in full and all relevant information, such as prescription details, need to be forwarded to us before your order can be processed. Once the necessary information is confirmed, your order will be processed and your new spectacles will be shipped to you via Express E-Parcel. Express E-Parcel is a signature service that ensures the safe arrival of your new glasses.

*depending on type of lens required, and shipping address

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