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1. Prescriptions

How do I obtain a prescription?

Make an appointment to have your eyes tested at your local Optometrist, and request a copy of your spectacle prescription. By law, the Optometrist must provide you with a legible copy of your prescription, at no additional cost. Alternatively, you can use a previous prescription that is less than 2 years old. It is recommended that you have your eyes tested at least every two years.

What do the different parts of the prescription mean?

A prescription is made up of a number of parts. Sph or sphere is usually the first number and will either have a plus sign (+) or a minus sign (-). Occasionally there may be the word ‘plano’ or the symbol ‘∞‘. These both correspond to 0.00.

On some prescriptions there will also be a cyl or cylinder component. This is usually a number with a minus sign (-) and an axis (number 0 to 180 with an ‘x’ preceding it). For people who require a reading prescription, there may also be an ‘add‘ which is usually a number with a plus sign between +0.75 to +3.50. Except for the axis, all other numbers will end in either ‘00’, ‘25’, ‘50’ or ‘75’. If you require further assistance to understand your prescription details, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Example of prescription

What does ‘Distance’, ‘Intermediate’ and ‘Near’ mean on my prescription?

‘Distance’ means your glasses are for far away tasks such as television or driving.

‘Intermediate’ means your glasses are for viewing tasks at arm length, such as computer and bench work and playing the piano.

‘Near’ means your glasses are for close work such as reading or sewing.

What are Bifocal lenses?

Bifocals are designed to be used for both distance and reading tasks. A prescription must include an ‘add’ to be used for bifocals.

What is a PD (Pupillary Distance)?

The PD or Pupillary Distance is the distance between your pupils. This measurement is necessary for the accuracy of your prescription lenses to be fitted to the frame. It is usually between 50 and 75. The number is often made up of two parts eg 65/62. This corresponds to a PD of 65 for distance and 62 for near. If you’re only getting glasses for distance only put in the first number or if for near the second. If you’re unsure enter the entire number sequence. Please ensure your eye care professional includes this information on your prescription. An average male PD is 65/62 and an average female PD is 62/59.

Can I use a contact lens prescription?

Although contact lens prescriptions appear to be much the same as a spectacle prescription, there are significant differences. Unfortunately, a contact lens prescription is not sufficient to place an order for glasses. Please ensure you have a copy of your spectacle prescription, which is less than two years old, before placing an online order. If you require online contact lenses, please visit our contact lens division, Webcontacts.com.au contact lenses.

2. Ordering

What information is required for me to place an order online?

It is essential to have a current copy of your spectacle prescription. We will also require your Optometrist’s full contact details should we have any enquires in regards to your prescription or lens requirements. You will need to know if you require lenses to correct vision for distance or near. If you require bifocal lenses, which are used to correct both distance and near vision, your optometrist should inform you of this.

If you are in a health fund please include the name of your health fund when ordering so we can include the correct provider and item number on your tax receipt.

*Please be aware, WebGlasses does not offer individual advice in regards to eye care.

3. Pricing and GST

All prices are in $AUD.

Why is WebGlasses able to provide such discounted prices?

Being an online company, we do not incur the usual overhead costs that your local optical store has. We are also able to buy our stock in bulk from the suppliers, and can therefore pass on substantial savings to you.

Is there GST on spectacles?

Yes, but only the frame incurs GST. All prescription lenses are GST free. Your tax invoice, which you will receive with your new glasses, will indicate the GST included.

Can I claim from my Private Health Fund?

Yes. However, the type of cover and rebate for spectacles can vary depending on the Health Fund, so please check your individual entitlements before ordering. All of the details to claim a rebate from your health fund, such as our provider number and item numbers for the frame and lenses, will be included on the tax invoice when you include the name of your health fund when ordering.

4. Frames and Lenses

How do I choose a frame that is suitable for me?

All our frames show what the various dimensions are. If you currently wear glasses, compare the measurements of your frame to that of our selection.

Will my frame need to be adjusted?

It is likely that you will need some minor adjustments, to ensure your glasses fit correctly and comfortably. Most optical stores will be able to assist you by adjusting the nose pads and the temples behind your ears. Some stores may charge a fee for this service.

What lens material do you use?

All our lenses are made of plastic. Our clear lenses are supplied with an anti-scratch coating and then finished with a premium multicoat to reduce reflections, sharpen your vision and improve night driving. The thinner lenses have a 1.67 index.

What lens options do you have available?

WebGlasses has several different lens options available:

  • Thin Lenses - make lenses look thinner and feel lighter, especially for higher prescriptions (>+/- 3.00).
  • UV Protection - provides protection from harmful UV light.
  • Full Tint - permanently tinted lenses used for prescription sunglasses (please specify your preferred shade - green, grey or brown).
  • Transitions Lenses ® - clear lenses inside which change to tinted lenses in direct UV light. (Transitions is a registered trademark of Transitions Optical, Inc.)
  • Polarised - useful for reducing glare from water or snow (these are only available with a full tint).

5. Payment

What methods of payment do you accept?

WebGlasses accepts payment via Credit Card (American Express, Diners, MasterCard and Visa), Bpay or Direct Deposit.

Is my payment secure?

WebGlasses uses SSL security for credit card transactions. The encrypted transactions are safe and secure and processed through the National Australia Bank. For security purposes, we do not have access to your credit card details and no details are kept on our server.

What do you charge for postage and handling?

Australia Overseas / International
E-Parcel (Standard): $9.90 Standard Insured Airmail: $17.50

Countries we ship to:

Hong Kong
Korean Republic
New Zealand
South Africa
United Kingdom
United States

Transactions from countries NOT LISTED can not be accepted. We apologise for any inconvenience.

6. Delivery

How will my order be delivered?

Spectacles are dispatched via Australia Post using Express E-Parcel. E-Parcel is a signature service, which ensures the safe arrival of your new glasses. If you are not at the address specified on the order at time of delivery, parcels are taken to the nearest Post Office to await collection. Please ensure that if you want your order delivered to a work address that you provide full shipping details, such as business name, suite, level etc.

What happens if my glasses are damaged in the post?

All glasses are packaged in a protective hard case, and wrapped in bubble wrap for extra protection. In the unlikely event that your new spectacles arrive in an unsatisfactory condition, please contact us within 7 days of delivery. We will replace your glasses at no charge, or alternatively a refund can be processed once the glasses have been returned to us.

What is the estimated time of arrival?

Standard glasses should arrive within 7 working days. For thinner, tinted, transition, multicoat, polarised or bifocal lenses please allow up to 12 working days.

7. Warranty and Return Policy

What guarantee and warranty do you provide?

WebGlasses guarantee 100% satisfaction, or your money back (excluding the delivery charge)! No questions asked! The glasses and original invoice must be received by us in good condition within 14 days of the original dispatch date and we will inform your health fund for you if you receive a refund. All frames and lenses also come with a 12 month manufacturer’s warranty which does not cover scratches or damage caused by misuse.

8. Terms, Conditions and Privacy Policy

Terms and Conditions

WebGlasses will endeavour to provide you with all the information you need to so that you can feel confident about all your online dealings with our organisation. Who we are, where we are, how we operate - our intention is to make everything about us as transparent as possible, ensuring that you the customer, is comfortable purchasing online with WebGlasses.

This page provides our customers with everything they need to know about WebGlasses and includes our customer service policies, all clearly laid out and explained in plain English. However, if you can't find the answer to any question about WebGlasses on our web site, simply e-mail your question to us.

If you do have a query, a WebGlasses customer service attendant will email back as soon as possible with an appropriate answer. However, WebGlasses also retains the right to withhold information where it pertains to sensitive matters of private commercial confidentiality and/or customer privacy. Please note, while will always attempt to provide customers with complete retail satisfaction and the highest quality customer service, nevertheless we ask that our customers thoroughly read through all our terms and conditions documentation first before placing any orders with WebGlasses. By reading these documents up front, customers should then be able to avoid any confusion or possible false expectations regarding what services WebGlasses actually pledges to offer and/or about how we conduct our business.


As discussed in our Privacy Policy, at WebGlasses we respect the customer's right to complete privacy. Hence, we will not ask you for any unnecessary personal information, nor will we use any of the personal information you divulge to us in any way that you have not been informed about first. To this end, we will not sell, trade or exchange any personal information about you. At WebGlasses we define "personal information" as any information about a person which tends to specifically identify that person.

Please note - we hate 'SPAM' as much as you do. Unless you give us explicit permission to contact you by clicking on one of the special interest checkboxes at the registration page, you will not hear from us unless there is something regarding your account or your order that we feel it's important for you to know about.


At WebGlasses, we strive for the highest quality in everything we do however, there are occasions when things can go wrong. If you have a complaint please contact customer services on email: sales@webglasses.com.au or Ph: 1300 302 301. Our customer service department is staffed from Mon - Fri, 9am-5pm AEST. We aim to respond to all complaints within 3 working days. In most cases customers receive a response within 48 hours.


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For the consumer:

  • Credit card details are not stored anywhere on the internet or in our database
  • We do not see the credit card details except only the merchant's bank ID
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Customer credit card details are encrypted before they are sent over the Internet directly to our banking institution. Consequently, not even our staff at WebGlasses will ever be able to see or record your credit card details. Therefore customers can feel confident knowing all transactions are being dealt with in the most secure environment available!

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